Which Working Holiday Visas Are Available to New Zealanders?

Which Working Holiday Visas Are Available to New Zealanders?
Riga, Latvia. Photo by Matt Graham.

From rugby to the origins of pavlova, there’s long been a friendly (and occasionally not-so-friendly) rivalry between Australia and New Zealand. But both countries do have a lot in common. The excellent opportunities for young Aussies and Kiwis to access working holiday visas are no exception.

Australians and New Zealanders are both incredibly fortunate to have access to working holiday visas in many countries around the world. This opens up so many wonderful opportunities for citizens of both nations.

As it currently stands, Australians can access working holiday or Work & Holiday visas in 45 countries. New Zealanders can get working holiday visas in 44 countries. Australians and New Zealanders are also free to live and work in each other’s countries.

Many of the same countries that enjoy reciprocal working holiday visa agreements with Australia do also have agreements with New Zealand. But there are a few differences…

Which countries offer working holiday visas to New Zealanders?

If you’re a New Zealander aged 18-30 (or in a few cases, 18-35), you can apply for working holiday visas in any of the countries shown on this map:

Working holiday visas only available to Kiwis

These countries currently make working holiday visas available to New Zealanders, but not Australian passport holders:

  • Croatia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
Mexico City
Mexico City. Photo by Matt Graham.

Australia and the Philippines recently signed a working holiday visa agreement. Young Australians will soon be able to live and work in the Philippines for up to a year, but this hasn’t yet come into force.

Working holiday visas only available to Aussies

The following countries currently offer working holiday visas to citizens of Australia, but not New Zealand:

  • Cyprus
  • Ecuador
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Mongolia
  • San Marino

It’s worth pointing out that Malaysia does currently have a working holiday visa arrangement with New Zealand, but it’s only in one direction. Malaysia doesn’t appear to be offering working holidays to Kiwis at the moment.

Different visa requirements

Although many countries offer working holiday visas to both Aussies and Kiwis, the requirements – or benefits for visa holders – are sometimes different.

For example, Kiwis currently applying to live in the UK under the Youth Mobility Scheme receive a three-year visa. Australians currently only get a two-year visa, though this will change in January 2024.

Another anomaly is that to apply for a working holiday visa in Portugal, Australians must speak functional Portuguese. There is no such language requirement for New Zealand citizens.

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by Matt Graham.

Those are just two examples.

If you happen to be a dual passport holder with citizenship in both Australia and New Zealand, you’re lucky to be able to use either passport to apply for a visa. However, you can’t apply for a working holiday visa more than once in the same country – even if you use a different passport for the second application.

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